A Guide For Different Types Of Online Casino Players

We consider you to be one of those people who likes to visit the online casino from time to time (or more often, we don’t judge) to just look around, play top online casino malaysia a few cards or spin a slot. Win sometimes, sometimes lose and try your best not to break your computer – it happens to even the best players! But have you noticed how other people play? In this article, we will break down the 7 different types of online casino players so that we are ready to report to you.

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This is a very obvious one, but still – there is always at least one beginner in the online casino! This is the person who tries to be super friendly with everyone and plays online casino malaysia relaxed even when he doesn’t know what’s going on . He seems super good when it comes to gambling and betting, but in the meantime, notice how he places last-minute bets and asks more stupid questions in live chat. And when you see that the new student is super confused and you are suddenly very sure that you will win – bam! – Win! Super!

The old dog

The absolute opposite of the beginner – the old dog! Usually a guy around 40 or 50, most likely a very chic person, with a keen sense of humor, who knows all the tricks of the magician and spoils all the fun for other players! He will judge you, take all your money and show you that he is not playing any games (hahahaha… well, we will stop here).

The black cat

We know there are a lot of references to animals, but bear us a little (I can’t stop the punishments!)! So, you probably know why we mean a black cat – that’s right, bad luck or no luck at all ! This is probably one of our favorite types of players, for several reasons. One, because this person simply has no luck in games – he always loses, always places the wrong bets, it’s like he’s cursed.

The stingy

You can see their enthusiasm and confidence as you play, but everything is broken once you look at their bets and see that they are less than a pound. Another very related expression for these people is “play safe” or “just check”. Regardless, these people are still having fun and not doing any harm to other players , so we tolerate them!


Ghost never places bets, never or less often participates in live chat conversations and… never actually plays ! It sounds weird, it looks weird and mysterious, but it’s pretty fun to be honest. This person’s appearance and random disappearance is a great start to a conversation and a great way to distract others when betting.

The angry parrot

Why a parrot? Because this person can’t stop repeating the way he lost in the game, the way the dealer can’t do his job properly and will most likely handle himself as a pirate. Oops! Don’t be that person !

Chill Pill

Finally, the Chill Pill – relaxed. This is the kind of person we should all be! The Chill Pill has the time of its life – it appears at a random game, plays a little, could win or lose, but does not care about the world around. These people are so relaxed and happy while playing that we think they could have had some of their friend’s special cake (you know). But it is very fun to be in a game with these people, because they will always find the sun behind the cloud and we love it!

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