Online Gambling: The Dangers Of Its Growing Popularity 

Gambling in itself has proven to be a dangerous form of entertainment over the years. People have turned into gambling addicts, faced bankruptcy, lost their families among many other repercussions. With the internet gaining traction at god-speed these days, it comes as no shock that gambling has found a new way to reach people, that is, via online gambling.

Online gambling can be considered as a very broad domain. Online gambling is placing bets with valuables on either casino games like roulette, blackjack, poker, slots, and so on or the other famous form being sports betting. This article mainly focuses on online gambling concerning casino malaysia.

Why Is It Dangerous 

If gambling in itself is dangerous, imagine what would happen if it was made easier to access, more fun than before with a better experience.

  • Addiction 

Television, board games, social media, all these recreational activities have somewhere started to lose their touch. People don’t find them as stimulating as they used to and now, they’re trying to find newer ways of getting that rush of dopamine their brain needs. To find online gambling can lead to dire consequences in this case. It can, and has in many circumstances, lead to severe addiction which can negatively alter one’s life, render them bankrupt, or turn them manic.

  • Targeting children

With an advertisement for online gambling found on every other site these days, it is very easy to target young children, the youth as well as fully grown adults. The reason can be anything from curiosity to greed for money to needing the chemical rush in our brains. Children can develop a coinjoin habit, or worse, an addiction at an early age which can cause them to get antisocial, have behavioural problems, or turn them into greedy money hoarders or impulsive spendthrifts in their later years.

  • Worse than in-person casinos

Online platforms require you to connect your bank account to the respective game, which can cause you to lose track of how much you’ve played or spent so far. It creates a sort of new reality where you keep “chasing your losses” and work on the “just one more try” principle how do you get followers on facebook. They also offer a free trial where you can play with fake money initially. Here they usually let you win, so you get sucked into the quicksand of continuous betting with real money later.

With the increasing freedom we have been getting, be it financial or with technology, there is also a horror that comes with it. If not kept in check, it can lead to harsh outcomes. Not all websites are legitimate either which makes the world of online gambling even more dangerous as it would be pretty easy to dupe anyone and the next thing you know, you’re a victim of fraud. It is important not to get enticed by these websites and advertisements whose sole purpose is to lure us into their world.


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